I love questions –

I know exactly how stressful it can be to entrust a stranger to document your family. This is especially true for newborn sessions, where my assistant and I will be posing your newborn just days after they’ve come home with you.

That’s why I’ve collected some of the questions that I’m asked most commonly – I want to make sure that before you come into the studio, you have all of your questions answered. I want you to be completely comfortable with your decision, with my expertise, and with your investment.

If you don’t see your question listed below, don’t worry! Feel free to reach out using my contact form, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the details you’re looking for.  Who knows – your question might even end up on this list once I’ve addressed it!


I can also be reached at:

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Email: restlessvt@gmail.com

What if my kids don't want to behave?

This is my most commonly asked question. And my response is pretty simple – don’t worry about it. Kids are unpredictable. I have two, I get it. Some days they’re magical angels and other days they’re… well, they’re not. If your little one (or little ones) isn’t in the mood to cooperate, we will still be able to capture gorgeous moments worth remembering.

What should I bring to my Newborn session?

It’s not an exaggeration for me to say that every single thing we could possibly need for your session is provided, except formula/bottles. In the studio, I even have a changing station with newborn & size 1 diapers, wipes, and a bottle warmer. Then when it comes to the actual session props, all wraps, headbands, hats etc are provided from my client closet! So there’s no need for you to worry about those either. 

What should I bring to my Cake Smash session?

Yourself, and your little one. No really, that’s it! Every single item in the set, the backdrop, the matching outfit, even the cake – I will provide for you. Honestly, you don’t even need to bring snacks, because I have those available in the studio for you during your time here with me (although who am I kidding – you’ve always got snacks, I know how it is). During our consultation before you book your session, we work through planning the theme and take a look at the client closet, so that we can both get inspired and come up with the perfect combinations for your little one. And of course, if you fall in love with a set you see in my portfolio, just let me know! We can recreate it for your own child’s special day.

What should I wear for our session?

We’re going to talk about that! This is a big part of why I include a consultation for planning your session in our studio process. Together, we’ll take a look at the options in my client closet, and make sure that you feel completely comfortable with the wardrobe choices before your session, both for you, and for your family. So in other words: no need to worry about what you’ll wear!

Do you ever have sessions not located in the studio?

Occasionally, yes! Sometimes, for Maternity, and Family sessions in particular, a family prefers outdoor locations for our time together. If that’s the case, we can definitely talk about it! There are locations I’ve scouted locally that have spectacular backdrops for your images. We can decide together at your pre-booking consultation whether that’s something you want to move forward with, or whether you’d prefer to have your session here in the studio. 

Are siblings included in a Newborn session?

Newborn sessions won’t be focused on siblings, or include individual images of them, but if pictures of baby that include siblings are a part of your vision for your session, we will make that happen!

What are you doing about Covid-19 at your studio?

In short? Lots.

As much as I know we’d all love the pandemic to be over, I’m not taking any chances with my clients’ health. That’s why all props/fabrics used in the studio are sanitized and the studio is deep cleaned between every single client. I am also personally fully vaccinated. 

Sessions are being booked on an every-48-hour schedule both to accommodate deep cleaning, and ensure any vapor can leave the air between families. I am also, of course, washing my hands regularly both in the studio, and out of it. If you’d like, I can also wear a mask during your session! Just request it when you book, and I’ll mask up.

If anyone has come in contact with someone that tested positive or has any symptoms I ask that they reschedule any meetings/sessions until they’ve received a negative test.

Client Love

My family has used Restless Photography for many photos shoots over the years and we have always loved each and every session. However, our maternity photos and newborn session this year were more than I could have ever hoped for. Our maternity session was magical. Kim had a huge selection of gowns in her client closet! As a plus size girl pre pregnancy, I was concerned about whether they would fit me. To my surprise, many dresses fit my plus size and pregnant with twins body! Our photos were amazing and I’ll cherish them forever. Our more recent newborn session was equally as amazing. Our twins were born early and needed time in the NICU. I was concerned about not being able to get them there during the optimal photo window (under two weeks old). Our girls were photographed at 3 weeks old and Kim was wonderful with them. She was patient while we got them sleepy for photos. Trusting Kim to handle our newborns was easy. She soothed them, cuddled them, and positioned them perfectly for photos. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim at Restless Photography for your Maternity and Newborn photos!

Katrina C

Kimberly is amazing to work with. She truly loves what she does and has an amazing amount of patience and kindness. She's a newborn whisperer and works with your child, not against them, to get amazing photos that become beautiful works of art on your wall.

Kathleen S

Kim is one of the most amazing photographers I have worked with. From my maternity session in 2019, newborn session in 2020, Boudoir session in 2020, my youngest daughter's 1st birthday smash cake session, and soon our family session, she has made each one feel special. The environment is at ease. She portrays a very safe and loving atmosphere. Her work is impeccable. I will always choose her for photographs.

Kristie G

I am absolutely in LOVE with the photos Kim did! Between my maternity photos, newborn photos to my son's cake smash coming up, the milestones I get to treasure forever are so beautifully done. Highly recommend!

Ashley G

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